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Service's and Filter Program FAQ’s

What if I need grids and/or manifold?

  • As an approved service provider, V&J’s can complete repairs with your warranty company's approval.  This will require you to submit a request a work order to your warranty company.


How often should my filters be cleaned?

  • Twice per year, depending on the length of your pool season.


How many cleanings would my filter receive?

  • Upon enrolling in the program, your filter would receive 2 cleanings per calendar year.


What is included in the program?

  • 2 professional chemical cleanings per calendar year

  • 1 Tank O-rings ( or with each visit if needed) per year

  • 1 Pressure gauge(or with each visit if needed) per year

  • System Recharged with D.E. if system requires


What type of filter(s) are in program?

  •   Cartridge Filters

  •   D.E. Filters


What if I need parts for my filter?

            We are your approved service provider.  Repairs can be performed, but the request for repairs              has to be submitted to your warranty company.


What if I need additional cleaning(s)?

  • We can provided additional cleaning(s), at a reduced rate.  Please note additional cleaning cost is 50.00.


I’m no longer a home warranty customer.

  • Anyone can be part of this program at the same rate.  If additional parts are required, you pay for parts at cost.


Does my home warranty cover filter cleaning?

  • No. Filter cleaning are considered as routine maintenance. 


What is the filter maintenance program cost?

  •  315  per calendar year

What equipment does V&J's install?

  • V&J's in can install all equipment to your swimming pool(Salt systems, New and used pumps,      and Automation)

What warranty companies are you approved vendors for:

  1. Old Republic Home Protection

  2. First American

How do we pay for services?

  •  A representative will review payment for services.

Does V&J's offer credit?

  •      Yes. Fill out the credit application or click here.


How do I enroll?

  •   Click here to enroll.

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